Educational activities

The Library employees share much attention to cultural and educational work in the University; promote the popularization of Ukrainian books.

In the educational work the Library uses both time-tested and new approaches, trends and forms of cultural work, including:

  • critical and analytical methods: debates, discussions of books, question and answer tests, "round tables", conferences on reading books;
  • positive and illustrative methods: evening meetings, portrait presentations, themed evenings, literary evenings, themed tours;
  • recommendation and information methods: book and journal presentations, bibliographic reviews and thematic reviews of lectures, literature discussions, literary, historical and educational readings.

The educational work includes:

  • developing a culture of thinking and intellectual abilities of students;
  • shaping the students' humanistic outlook, humane treatment of society and nature;
  • upbringing an integrative personality;
  • strengthening the historical memory of the younger generation;
  • explaining the legal culture of an individual;
  • introducing harmony with the environment;
  • promoting political culture of students;
  • encouraging hard work and creativity;
  • maintaining healthy lifestyles of the students;
  • emphasizing aesthetic feelings, tastes, attitudes;
  • enhancing high moral qualities of an individual.

One of the priorities of the Library is preserving the spiritual heritage and historical events, introducing the history, ethnography and nature, literary heritage, architectural masterpieces of our native land.

The Library assigns the proper role to popularization of books, works of art, the Ukrainian culture and the works of prominent people of our region and country.

The Library staff regularly organizes exhibitions of new acquisitions, initiates "Department days", "Information days" and literature reviews, provides the basics of bibliographic knowledge for students and graduate students.

An important task of the Library is helping the readers with the information contained in the catalogs and card indexes. Eevery year, the traditional card catalogs (alphabetical and systematic) receive about 5-6 thousand new bibliographic records.

Increasingly, the readers are turning to electronic catalog available in the local network or by remote access. Its formation began in 2007 with the introduction of new bibliographic records. But the Library staff also improves the catalogues of the most active part of the collection.

The electronic Library of full-text databases on the University profile is formed. The electronic document fund is being continuously upgraded:

  • the copies of the published work of our scientists (textbooks, methodological publications) are made;
  • the electronic publications are backed up on CD, DVD- ROM;
  • the library fund is digitalized.

Free Internet access is offered to use the full-text of rare books, digitalized by the Library staff.

Research Library takes part in corporate projects initiated by the State scientific and pedagogical library of Ukraine named after V.O. Sukhomlynskiy with forming the segments in psychology, pedagogics, education in the national electronic resource "Scientific Ukraine studies" and Ukrainian abstract journal "Source" series 3 "Social sciences and humanities. Art" (creating abstract products on publication of the University "Collected Works", "Historical and Pedagogical Almanac", "Comparative Pedagogical Schools").

The Library staff eagerly helps the readers to find the information for research work, to work with all kinds of catalogs, including email catalogs; introduces the regulations for the monographic bibliographic description and the lists of references, and informs them about the UDC and LBC classification.

For researchers who publish their works consultations are available on their registration under ISO 4861:2007 Information and documentation. Edition. Date.

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