The Fund of Scientific Library (as of 01.01.2014)

Library Resources:

The total number of resources is 400,337 items among which there are:

• Books and brochures - 296,548 items

• Periodicals: magazines - 102646 items;

                         newspapers - 644 annual editions.

 The booksare classified by:


• the state language (Ukrainian) - 278,061 items;

• Russian - 109480 items;

• foreign languages ​​- 12796 items.


• Scientific publications - 80,675 items;

• Educational publications - 278,144 items;

• Literary and art magazines - 45,518 items;

• Rare and valuable documents - 1711 items.

The funds of the Scientific Library of Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University include the private collections of prominent people:

  • Bevzenko Stepan Pylypovych, linguist (2252 copies of books, brochures and abstracts);
  • Vlasenko Ivan Markovych, folklorist (863 copies of books and brochures); 
  • KarpovaValentyna Leonidivna, linguist (1567 copies of books and brochures);
  • Mayevska Tetiana (219 copies of books and brochures);
  • Library of the Institute of Linguistics named after Potebnya of the NAS of Ukraine (154 items).

The Library fund replenishment is a great achievement for the entire University. Every year the Library receives about 9,000 items of academic and scientific literature. Over 8000 readers use the Scientific Library for their researches. The Library hands out about 460,000 documents.

The Libraryhouses the Information and Bibliography Department, three reading rooms, electronic reading room and teaching rooms, provides the readers with educational, scientific and fiction literature. Besides, the Library cooperates with the staff of educational institutions, and students of the Small Academy of Sciences.

The Fund of Scientific Library encompasses alphabetic, systematic and electronic catalogs, systematic catalog of articles, local history file room, and history file room for publications of the University scientists.

Skilled workers of the Information and Bibliography Departmenthelp the readers to find the information for research work; to handle any kind of catalogs, including electronic ones; to master the rules of making monographic and bibliographic description and to make the lists of references; they also familiarize the readers with the Library classification (UDC and LBC).  

Assigning UDC and LBC is  performed in a traditional way. There is an algorithm of providingUDC and LBC by unifying the virtual bibliographic references with the help of a single system providing the services to users through information technology. Every year the Library offers about 6,000 different bibliographic references.

The Scientific Library regularly organizes the exhibitions of new acquisitions, theme exhibitions, celebrates "The Department days", "The Information days", initiatesthe literature reviews, and provides the training in the basics of bibliographic knowledge for students and graduate students.

The Library operates the local network andspecialsoftware thatallows to computerize all major processes and enables the communication to exchange information in the University corporate network.

The computer room of the Library counts 57 PCs (55 workstations and 2 servers), 7 printers, 3 scanners. Besides, all computer laboratories of the Universityare connected to the Library network.

The core of the automated Library is the electronic catalog (EC) which combines the functions of all card catalogs launched in May 2007 and has more than 41,000 records. Automated Library System provides electronic catalog content the readers have access to,and offers friendly services. The reader access to the electronic catalog provides the ability to search for different criteria literature.

The following thematic databases are replenished -  "Earth is our home", "Regional studies of Uman”, “Regional studies of Cherkasy Oblast", "Healthy lifestyle for youth", "Latest interactive technologies in education", "USPU", "Card index of periodicals" "Teacher", "Theses and Dissertations", "Electronic analog of publications", "Rare and valuable editions", "Collections" (libraries of S.P. Bevzenko, I.M. Vlasenko, V.L. Karpova, T. P . Mayevska, Institute of Linguistics named after Potebnya of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine). The retrospective electronic catalog of all literature is under development.

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