History of library

The Scientific Library is one of the most important Departments of the University. It provides the teachers, students and employees with educational and scientific literature.  

The Library of Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University is one of the largest libraries in the city that has a rich and interesting history. Our University is a contemporary educational establishment, formerly known as Uman Institute of Social Education (since 1930).

The Library history is closely connected with the history of the University.When the University changed its name from the Institute of Social Education to Pavlo Tychyna Uman State Pedagogical University the Library was also renamed into Scientific Library (in 2009).

The Library started its life with merely several dozens of donated books. However, by the start of the war the collection had grown to nearly 100 thousand books. Only a small number of these books were rescued during the war.

M.A. Oleinik and N.V. Rudkevych were helpful to save some of the most valuable books in the basement of the Agricultural Institute. After the war the Library had been headed by A.I. Vdovin and V. Rybchuk, V.D. Eremenko, L.G. Homenyuk (in 1994 – 2007). Since 2007, the Library is headed by T. Grigorenko, Candidate of Sciences in Philology, Associate Professor. 

The Research Library annually provides subscription to more than 240 titles of pedagogical, research and professional periodicals. After the war, the Library fund has been growing and now it embracesover 400 thousand books among which there are scientific publications in different fields of knowledge,over 80 thousand textbooks and more than 278,000 copies. The Library contains socio-political, educational, methodical, scientific literature in many disciplines researched at the University.

Besides, the Library offers much fiction reading. There are hundreds of books autographed by the authors from Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, the United States and Canada, published in Ukrainian and other languages. The fundamental task of the Library is updating the latestpublications. This is enabled with the assistance of the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine in the frames of "Ukrainian book" program.   

In the difficult 90’the Library fund received a significant assistance from the "Sabre-light"Ukrainian-American Charitable Foundation. Since 1984, the Library has began to transfer the fund, catalogs and systematic filing papers to a new system of bibliographic classification. This process was completed in 1985.

In recent years, the fundwas replenished with Ukrainian books and manuals,  individual monographs of eminent historians and educators, namely Hrushevskyi, Yavornytsky, Chornovil, books on Ukrainian Ethnography, the works of writers that were not yet published (V. Vynnychenko, B. Lepkyi, M. Khvylyi Olzhych, V. Stus, O.Teliha, I.Svitlychny). Ukrainian diaspora donated about 100 Ukrainian and English books to the Library. 

A new era in the Library began with upgrading of the logistics, including the purchase of computer equipment and library programs.Currently, the Library content is arranged in a new e-catalog, full-text databases are created. Besides, the Library has an Internet access. The readers can use the electronic catalogin the local network of the University. 

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